Celandine Candles

Celandine Candles

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Celandine candles are luxury candles made in small batches from all natural soy wax. They have sleek designs and high end scents. A Gathered favorite, and local to Mount Prospect, IL.  The all-natural soy wax is renewable and made from U.S. grown soybeans. The cotton wicks are lead and zinc free and the fragrances are phthalate free.  The large glass jars are 9 oz and burn for 65-75 hours.  The tins are 6 oz and burn for 25-35 hours.  High-end fragrances and high-quality wax ensure a clean burn and a fragrant candle.

Classic Year-Round:

Warm VanillaA creamy and warm vanilla aroma.Great strong fragrance will create a warm and cozy vanilla scent when burning. 

White Tea and LavenderA blend of the crisp brightness of white tea and fresh lavender creates a perfect calm and spa-like scent. 

Fall Scents:

Poached PearA warm and rich mix of pear, cinnamon and nutmeg.  The perfect balance of warm and spicy with the brightness of pear.

Mulling SpiceWonderful to burn all fall and winter, this scent is full of orange, cinnamon, apple and cranberry.  


Blood OrangeA warm citrus scent with bergamot and orange. Perfect for the citrus lover who is looking for a warm and full fragrance. 

Bright CitrusThe perfect mix of fresh citrus with notes of grapefruit and tangerine. The slight vanilla and mixed fruit scents give this fragrance complexity.


Alpine OakA rich mix of herbal, citrus and sandalwood give this candle its robust fragrance.  This is an ideal warm and natural scent with a slight masculine edge.

Amber and CedarA more subtle woodsy fragrance with complex notes of sandalwood, cedar and citrus.